Darren Henderson

Another artist from way across the pond, if Stormie Mills represents the darker side, then Darren is definitely flying the flag for the light. Darren was introduced to the Unit44 family back in 2011 whilst we were in Australia, hailing from Melbourne, his signature owl depictions on wooden boxes were an instant hit with the team. Shortly after our meet we found there was more to the story and that Darren once had family here in the North of England. We instantly started putting things in place for Darren to show with us in 2012.

With a combination of naivety and creativity Darren started ‘Dirtygood and Worldly Creatures’ in 2000 never looking back. Over the past years Darren has worked on projects for clients such as adidas Australia, Stella McCartney, Salomon Australia, Russell Athletic, Alfasi Steel Constructions, Fosters Group, Melbourne Water and illustrated the Moonlight Cinema Campaign, more recently completing a running campaign for adidas South East Asia, and featuring in Juxtapose magazine. Safe to say the mans talent knows no bounds.

Darren is opening 'The Mean, The Serene, and Everything in Between' September 28th, 2012.